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Boots Malone 1952 DVD - William Holden / Stanley Clements

Boots Malone is jockey's agent and a bit of a wheeler-dealer who went from living at the Ritz to living in a room at the stables when his star jockey was killed in an accident. After nearly three years, he has yet to find a replacement for him. Along with his cronies at the track, he manages to buy a horse that's a bit of a sleeper. Their hopes of cashing in big take a positive turn when Boots decides to train an eager young man, who turns out to be a runaway from a rich family, as a jockey. When gangsters tell Boots to throw the race in favor of another horse, he faces a major dilemma. 


William Holden as "Boots" Malone
Johnny Stewart as Thomas Gibson Jr.
Stanley Clements as "Stash" Clements
Basil Ruysdael as "Preacher" Cole
Carl Benton Reid as John Williams
Ralph Dumke as Beckett, Whitehead's adviser
Ed Begley as Howard Whitehead, a wealthy, but inexperienced horse owner
Hugh Sanders as Matson
Harry Morgan as "Quarter Horse" Henry (as Henry Morgan)
Ann Lee as Mrs. Gibson
Anthony Caruso as Joe
Billy Pearson as Eddie Koch, a rival jockey. Pearson was a real-life thoroughbred jockey.

Runtime: 102 Minutes

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