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Branded 1950 DVD - Alan Ladd / Mona Freeman

Twenty-five years ago the Lavery baby was kidnapped. Bad guy Leffingwell gets Choya to impersonate the son to gain the Lavery estate. When he finally fesses up to his "sister" Ruth she is furious. To redeem himself he sets out to find the real son.


Alan Ladd as Choya
Mona Freeman as Ruth Lavery
Charles Bickford as Mr. Richard Lavery
Robert Keith as T. Jefferson Leffingwell
Joseph Calleia as Rubriz
Peter Hansen as Tonio
Selena Royle as Mrs. Lavery
Tom Tully as Ransom
John Berkes as Tattoo
Milburn Stone as Dawson
Martin Garralaga as Hernandez

Runtime: 104 Minutes

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