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Broken Journey 1948 DVD - Phyllis Calvert / James Donald

A plane flying over the Swiss Alps develops engine trouble and is forced to crash-land on a glacier. Unable to radio for help because of damaged batteries and with limited food supplies, the survivors must come to a decision--whether to stay and wait for help they believe is coming or to leave the shelter of the wrecked plane and set out in bad weather to try to reach civilization.


Phyllis Calvert as Mary Johnstone
James Donald as Bill Haverton
Margot Grahame as Joanna Dane
Francis L. Sullivan as Perami
Raymond Huntley as Edward Marshall
Derek Bond as Richard Faber
Guy Rolfe as Captain Fox
Sonia Holm as Anne Stephens
Grey Blake as John Barber
Sybille Binder as Lilli Romer
David Tomlinson as Jimmy Marshall
Andrew Crawford as Kid Cormack
Charles Victor as Harry Gunn
Gerard Heinz as Joseph Romer

Runtime: 89 Minutes

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