Brother Orchid 1940 DVD - Edward G. Robinson / Ann Sothern

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Gang boss Little John Sarto returns from Europe where he was looking for "class" to find his old mob taken over by Jack Burns. When he puts together a rival gang he gets wounded and seeks refuge in a monastery. He is gradually transformed by the simple, sincere brothers and, after one last gangland appearance, decides he has found class at last in the monastery.


Edward G. Robinson as "Little" John T. Sarto
Ann Sothern as Florence Addams
Humphrey Bogart as Jack Buck
Donald Crisp as Brother Superior
Ralph Bellamy as Clarence P. Fletcher
Allen Jenkins as Willie "the Knife" Corson
Charles D. Brown as Brother Wren
Cecil Kellaway as Brother Goodwin
Morgan Conway as Philadelphia Powell
Richard Lane as Mugsy O'Day
Paul Guilfoyle as Red Martin
Charles Coleman as English Diamond Salesman

Runtime: 80 Minutes

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