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Call Northside 777 1948 DVD - James Stewart / Richard Conte

In 1932, a cop is killed and Frank Wiecek sentenced to life. Eleven years later, a newspaper ad by Frank's mother leads Chicago reporter P.J. McNeal to look into the case. For some time, McNeal continues to believe Frank guilty. But when he starts to change his mind, he meets increased resistance from authorities unwilling to be proved wrong.


James Stewart as P.J. McNeal (based on real life reporter James McGuire)
Richard Conte as Frank Wiecek (based on real life convict Joseph Majczek)
Lee J. Cobb as Brian Kelly (based on real life editor Karin Walsh)
Helen Walker as Laura McNeal
Betty Garde as Wanda Skutnik (based on real life witness Vera Walush)
Kasia Orzazewski as Tillie Wiecek (based on real life mother Tillie Majczek)
Joanne De Bergh as Helen Wiecek
Michael Chapin as Frank Wiecek Jr.
Howard Smith as K.L. Palmer
Moroni Olsen as Pardon Board Chairman
J.M. Kerrigan as Sullivan
John McIntire as Sam Faxon
Paul Harvey as Martin J. Burns
George Tyne as Tomek Zaleska (based on real life convict Theodore Marcinkiewicz)
Leonarde Keeler as Himself - the actual inventor of the Polygraph
E. G. Marshall as Rayska
Thelma Ritter as receptionist
Lionel Stander as Corrigan – Wiecek's cellmate
Truman Bradley as the narrator
Samuel S. Hinds as Judge Charles Moulton (uncredited)

Runtime: 111 Minutes

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