Calling Dr. Gillespie 1942 DVD - Lionel Barrymore / Philip Dorn

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Dr. Gillespie is contacted by his old friend Emma Hope, headmistress of a prestigious girls school. She's concerned about Roy Todwell, the young man one of her girls, Marcia Bradburn, has been seeing. Todwell has shown serious bouts of violence over the most minor event and working with a colleague, Dr. Gerniede, Gillespie concludes that the young man is suffering from serious mental illness. He has little success in convincing Todwell's parents of the seriousness of it all - they prefer to take the opinion of their own physician who thinks psychiatry is just a lot of mumbo jumbo - and the young man's condition deteriorates. Todwell soon sets out for New York with only one goal in mind - to kill Dr. Gillespie. 


Lionel Barrymore as Dr. Leonard Gillespie
Philip Dorn as Dr. John Hunter Gerniede
Donna Reed as Marcia Bradburn
Phil Brown as Roy Todwell
Nat Pendleton as Joe Wayman
Alma Kruger as Molly Byrd
Mary Nash as Emma Hope
Walter Kingsford as Dr. Walter Carew
Nell Craig as Nurse "Nosey" Parker
Ruth Tobey as Susan May "Susie" Prentiss, Marcia's roommate
Jonathan Hale as Frank Marshall Todwell
Charles Dingle as Dr. Ward O. Kenwood
Marie Blake as Sally, receptionist
Nana Bryant as Mrs. Marshall Todwell
Eddie Acuff as Clifford Genet
Ava Gardner as Graduating Student at Miss Hope's (uncredited)

Runtime: 84 Minutes

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