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Candles at Nine 1944 DVD - Eliot Makeham / Beatrix Lehmann

A rich but miserly old man taunts his relatives about who will get his money when he dies, and is soon mysteriously murdered. It turns out that he has left his estate to a beautiful young actress whom the other relatives didn't know was related to him. Several attempts on her life are thwarted by a detective, who sets out to discover who's behind the scheme to kill her. 


Eliot Makeham as Everard Hope
Beatrix Lehmann as Julia Carberry, Everard's Housekeeper
John Salew as Griggs, Everard's Butler
Joss Ambler as Garth Hope
Vera Bogetti as Lucille Hope, Garth's Wife
Andre Van Gyseghem as Cecil Tempest
Winifred Shotter as Brenda Tempest, Cecil's Wife
Reginald Purdell as Charles Lacey
Hugh Dempster as Hugh Lacey
Jessie Matthews as Dorothea Capper the Heiress
John Stuart as William Gardener, Turf Commission
Ernest Butcher as Everard's Gardener
C. Denier Warren as Middleton the Executor
Patricia Hayes as Gewndolyn the Maid

Runtime: 82 Minutes

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