Captain Horatio Hornblower R.N 1951 DVD - Gregory Peck / Virginia Mayo

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In 1807, Captain Horatio Hornblower leads his ship the HMS Lydia on a perilous voyage around Cape Horn and into the Pacific. The men, even his officers, don't know exactly where he is leading them. England is at war with Napoleon and everyone wonders why they have been sent so far from the action. They eventually arrive on the Pacific coast of Central America where the HMS Lydia has been sent to arm Don Julian Alvarado, who is planning an attack against France's Spanish allies on the North American continent. The hope is that Alvarado's forces will require the French to divert some of their military resources to North American defense in the aid of their Spanish allies. He arrives to learn that a Spanish Galleon is en route and he no sooner captures it and hands it over to Alvarado that he learns the Spanish are now England's allies and he must take it from Alvarado. He also gets a very comely passenger in the form of Lady Barbara Wellesley, sister of the Duke of Wellington. 


Gregory Peck as Captain Horatio Hornblower, R.N.
Virginia Mayo as Lady Barbara Wellesley
Robert Beatty as First Lieutenant William Bush
Terence Morgan as Second Lieutenant Gerard, gunnery officer on the Lydia
Moultrie Kelsall as Third Lieutenant Crystal, navigator on the Lydia
James Kenney as Midshipman Longley
James Robertson Justice as Seaman Quist, who helps Hornblower and Bush escape
Denis O'Dea as Rear Admiral Sir Rodney 'Mucho Pomposo' Leighton
Richard Hearne as Polwheal, Hornblower's steward
Michael Dolan as Surgeon Gundarson
Stanley Baker as Mr. Harrison, Hornblower's bosun
Alec Mango as El Supremo / Don Julian Alvarado
Christopher Lee as the Spanish captain of the Natividad
Diane Cilento as the voice of Hornblower's wife Maria, reciting a letter written to him on her deathbed

Runtime: 117 Minutes

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