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Captain Pirate 1952 DVD - Louis Hayward / Patricia Medina

In 1690, years have passed since Captain Blood was pardoned by the Crown for his daring deeds against the Spanish on the Spanish Main, and he is living quietly on his plantation in the West Indies, practicing medicine and planning his marriage to Isabella. But his peaceful existence is shattered when Hilary Evans arrives and arrests him on a piracy charge. Somebody has been raiding the islands, and making it appear it was Captain Blood. In order to prove his innocence, Captain Blood has to sail again under the "Jolly Roger."


Louis Hayward as Captain Peter Blood
Patricia Medina as Dona Isabella
John Sutton as Hilary Evans
Charles Irwin as Angus McVickers
Ted de Corsia as Captain Easterling
Rex Evans as Governor Henry Carlyle
Malú Gatica as Amanda
George Givot as Tomas Velasquez
Robert McNeeley as Manuelito
Nina Koshetz as Madame Duval
Lester Matthews as Col. Ramsey
Sven Hugo Borg as Swede
Sandro Giglio as Don Ramon
Ian Wolfe as Viceroy
Jay Novello as Egyptian

Runtime: 85 Minutes

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