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Carbine Williams 1952 DVD - James Stewart / Jean Hagen


The film follows the life of David Marshall Williams (James Stewart), who was a member of the Winchester team that invented the semi-automatic M1 Carbine used in World War II. Williams was found distilling illegal moonshine, and was held responsible for the death of a sheriff's deputy during a raid on his still. He was sentenced to thirty years' hard labor. He cycled through the prison system until a firm but compassionate warden, H.T. Peoples (Wendell Corey), allowed him to work in a prison tool shop. There, he invented the gas system for his famous rifle. Williams was released from prison in 1929 and worked with Winchester Firearms on development of the M1 Carbine.


James Stewart as David Marshall 'Marsh' Williams
Jean Hagen as Maggie Williams
Wendell Corey as Capt. H. T. Peoples
Carl Benton Reid as Claude Williams
Paul Stewart as 'Dutch' Kruger
Otto Hulett as Mobley
Rhys Williams as Redwick Karson
Herbert Heyes as Lionel Daniels
James Arness as Leon Williams
Porter Hall as Sam Markley
Fay Roope as District Attorney
Ralph Dumke as Andrew White
Leif Erickson as Feder
Henry Corden as Bill Stockton
Frank Richards as Truex
Howard Petrie as Sheriff
Stuart Randall as Tom Vennar
Dan Riss as Jesse Rimmer

Runtime: 92 Minutes

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