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Cheyenne 1947 DVD - Dennis Morgan / Jane Wyman


James Wylie, a gambler, is captured by the police and given the option to pose as a bandit to forgo a prison sentence. Meanwhile, James tries to uncover the identity of the Poet.


Dennis Morgan as James Wylie
Jane Wyman as Ann Kincaid
Janis Paige as Emily Carson
Bruce Bennett as Ed Landers
Alan Hale Sr. as Fred Durkin
Arthur Kennedy as The Sundance Kid
John Ridgely as Challkeye
Barton MacLane as Webb Yancey
Tom Tyler as Pecos
Bob Steele as Bucky
John Compton as Limpy Bill
John Alvin as Single Jack
Monte Blue as Timberline
Anne O'Neal as Miss Kittredge (as Ann O'Neal)
Tom Fadden as Charlie
Britt Wood as Swamper

Runtime: 99 Minutes

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