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China Corsair 1951 DVD - Jon Hall / Lisa Ferraday

In 'The Green Dragon' gambling club, operated by Hu Chang (Ernest Borgnine), a merchant marine, McMillen (Jon Hall), bets the last of his money. He is cheated out of his winnings. He gets a job on the Sally Ann as the engineer. On board is Paul Lowell (Ron Randell) who killed Tamara's (Lisa Ferraday) uncle for some valuable jade. Tamara and her thugs catch up to the Sally Ann and recovers her uncle's jade and kills Lowell, her fiancé. Meanwhile Hu Chang is after the jade too. 


Jon Hall - McMillan
Lisa Ferraday - Tamara
Ron Randell - Paul Lowell
Douglas Kennedy - Capt. Frenchy
Ernest Borgnine - Hu Chang
John Dehner - Pedro
Marya Marco - Lotus
Philip Ahn - Wong San
Peter Mamakos - Juan
Amanda Blake - Jane Richards

Runtime: 76 Minutes

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