China Seas 1935 DVD - Clark Gable / Jean Harlow

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Dynamic Alan Gaskell captains a ship bound from Hong Kong to Singapore. Gaskell tries to turn over a new leaf from his hard-drinking lifestyle after becoming attached to a refined high class English lady, Sybil Barclay. His former girlfriend Dolly is extremely jealous of the budding relationship and tries hard to get the Captain back. He is apparently unimpressed with her loud, obnoxious, and uncivilized manners, even though she is extremely beautiful. After a temporary take over of the ship by gold-seeking Asian pirates, Captain Gaskell must deal with the fact that Dolly and her drinking pal, Jamesey MacArdle, are implicated in the crime.


Clark Gable as Alan Gaskell
Jean Harlow as Dolly Portland
Wallace Beery as Jamesy McArdle
Lewis Stone as Tom Davids
Rosalind Russell as Sybil Barclay
Dudley Digges as Dawson
C. Aubrey Smith as Guy Wilmerding
Robert Benchley as Charlie McCaleb
Akim Tamiroff as Paul Romanoff
William Henry as Rockwell
Liev De Maigret as Mrs. Vollberg (as Live de Maigret)
Lilian Bond as Mrs. Timmons (as Lillian Bond)
Edward Brophy as Timmons
Soo Yong as Yu-Lan
Carol Ann Beery as Carol Ann
Ivan Lebedeff as Ngah
Hattie McDaniel as Isabel McCarthy, Dolly's Maid (uncredited)

Runtime: 87 Minutes

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