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Cinderella Jones 1946 DVD - Joan Leslie / Robert Alda

Judy Jones, sings with a band and also works at an aircraft plant. She takes part in a "missing heirs" radio program and is discovered to be an heiress to a fortune. But the will provides that she must be married by a certain time or lose the inheritance. She then has to decide whether rivals-for-her-hand Tommy Coles or Bart Williams, loves her for herself or for her fortune. What's a girl to do?.


Joan Leslie as Judy Jones
Robert Alda as Tommy Coles
Julie Bishop as Camille
William Prince as Bart Williams
S. Z. Sakall as Gabriel Popik
Edward Everett Horton as Keating
Charles Dingle as Minland
Ruth Donnelly as Cora Elliot
Elisha Cook, Jr. as Oliver S. Patch
Hobart Cavanaugh as George
Charles Arnt as Mahoney
Chester Clute as Krencher
Edward Gargan as Riley
Margaret Early as Bashful Girl
Johnny Mitchell as Soldier
Mary Dean as Singer
Monte Blue as Jailer
Marianne O'Brien as Marie
Marion Martin as Burlesque Queen

Runtime: 91 Minutes

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