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City of Bad Men 1953 DVD - Jeanne Crain / Dale Robertson

Outlaw Brett Stanton and his gang, which includes his brother, Gar,ride into Carson City, Nevada, which is filled with people who have come there from all over to see the Heavyweight Championship prizefight between James J. "Gentleman Jim" Corbett and Bob Fitzsimmons. Broke and disgruntled, the gang asks Bret what he intends to do, and he tells them he is planning the biggest haul they have ever made. But gangs led by Johnny Ringo and Bob Thraikill are also in town with plans of their own, and no intention of abiding by Brett's plan.


Jeanne Crain as Linda Culligan
Dale Robertson as Brett Stanton
Richard Boone as Johnny Ringo
Lloyd Bridges as Gar Stanton
Carole Mathews as Cynthia Castle
Carl Betz as Deputy Phil Ryan
Whitfield Connor as Jim London
Hugh Sanders as Sheriff Bill Gifford
Rodolfo Acosta as Mendoza
Pascual García Peña as Pig

Runtime: 82 Minutes

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