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Cloudburst 1951 DVD - Robert Preston / Elizabeth Sellars

Cloudburst is a 1951 British drama film, directed by Francis Searle, starring Robert Preston and featuring Elizabeth Sellars, Harold Lang, Colin Tapley and Sheila Burrell.

The script is based on a play written by Leo Marks, a wartime cryptographer for the Special Operations Executive, and later the author of a memoir about his wartime work, Between Silk and Cyanide (1998).

The film is about a World War II veteran, a former operative for the SOE, who seeks revenge on the driver and passenger of a hit-and-run automobile that struck and killed his wife.


Robert Preston as John Graham
Elizabeth Sellars as Carol Graham
Colin Tapley as Inspector Davis
Sheila Burrell as Lorna Dawson
Harold Lang as Mickie Fraser / Kid Python
Mary Germaine as Peggy Reece
George Woodbridge as Sergeant Ritchie
Lyn Evans as Chuck Peters
Thomas Heathcote as Jackie
Edith Sharpe as Mrs. Reece
Daphne Anderson as Kate
Edward Lexy as Cardew
James Mills as Thompson
Noel Howlett as Johnson
Martin Boddey as Desk Sergeant

Runtime: 83 Minutes
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