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Coast Guard 1939 DVD - Randolph Scott / Frances Dee

Lieutenant Raymond "Ray" Dower commands a United States Coast Guard cutter. His best friend in the Coast Guard, Lieutenant Thomas "Speed" Bradshaw, is a highly regarded, but reckless pilot. In a daring rescue at sea, both men are involved in saving Tobias Bliss, the captain of a tramp steamer. At the base hospital, the two officers visit the rescued man and meet Nancy, his granddaughter. Both friends fall in love with her, but Speed proposes first; broken-hearted, Ray still acts as the best man at the wedding.

The marriage falters, and when Nancy is fed up with many nights alone, she leaves Speed. In trying to win her back, Speed crashes while stunting over her house. Grounded and facing a court-martial, the disgraced pilot finds out that his best friend is missing while on an Arctic rescue mission. Nancy coaxes Speed and his co-pilot, O'Hara, to attempt a rescue, and after a harrowing crash-landing in the Arctic, an injured Ray is located. Speed manages a dangerous takeoff and flies his friend back home, to find a relieved Nancy waiting for him.


Randolph Scott as Lieutenant Thomas "Speed" Bradshaw
Frances Dee as Nancy Bliss
Ralph Bellamy as Lieutenant Raymond "Ray" Dower
Walter Connolly as Tobias Bliss
Warren Hymer as O'Hara
Robert Middlemass as Captain Lyons
Stanley Andrews as Commander Hooker
Edmund MacDonald as Lieutenant Thompson
Lester Dorr as Second Officer (uncredited)

Runtime: 71 Minutes

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