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Colditz 1955 DVD - John Mills / Eric Portman

Allied prisoners - British, Dutch, French and Polish - pool their resources to plan numerous escapes from the "escape-proof" German P.O.W. camp housed in a Medieval castle known as "Colditz".


Anton Diffring as Hauptmann Fischer
Guido Lorraine as Polish officer
Witold Sikorski as Polish Officer
A. Blichewicz as Polish Officer
B. Dolinski as Polish Officer
Leo Bieber as German Interpreter
Rudolph Offenbach as Dutch Colonel
Keith Pyott as French colonel
Arthur Butcher as Polish Colonel
David Yates as Dick
Douglas Argent as British Officer
Terence Brook as British Officer
Frank Coburn as British Officer
Eric Corrie as British Officer
John Corrie as British Officer
Anthony Faramus as British officer
Eric Lander as British Officer
Kenneth Midwood as British Officer
Peter Myers as British Officer
Claude Le Sache as French Interpreter
Zygmunt Rewkowski as Polish Interpreter
Carl Duering as Hauptmann Wagner
Ludwik Lawiński as Franz Josef
Peter Swanwick (credited as "Swannick") as Lutyens
John Heller as German Guard
Jean Driant as French Orderly
Jean Bacon as French Orderly
Frederick Schiller as German Soldier
Guy Deghy as German Soldier

Runtime: 93 Minutes

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