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Come Next Spring 1956 DVD - Ann Sheridan / Steve Cochran

Matt Ballot has returned home after 12 years of hard drinking in all 48 states. His wife managed to raise their 14-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son nicely without his help. Matt is considered a disgrace to the town he came from, and now he finds himself trying to win the love of his children, his wife and the respect of the towns people. Set in Arkansas in the 1920s.


Ann Sheridan as Bess Ballot
Steve Cochran as Matt Ballot
Walter Brennan as Jeffrey Storys
Sherry Jackson as Annie Ballot
Richard Eyer as Abraham Ballot
Edgar Buchanan as Mr. Canary
Sonny Tufts as Leroy Hytower
Harry Shannon as Mr. Totter
James Westmoreland as Bob Storys
Mae Clarke as Myrtle

Runtime: 92 Minutes

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