Conflict 1945 DVD - Humphrey Bogart / Alexis Smith

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Richard Mason is slightly hurt in a car accident but pretends that his injuries are worse so that he cannot accompany his wife, Kathryn on a trip to the mountains. He does, however, kill her on a lonely mountain road. Or did he? He smells her perfume, finds her jewelry, sees an envelope addressed in her handwriting. He goes back to the scene of the crime to find ... what?.


Humphrey Bogart as Richard Mason
Alexis Smith as Evelyn Turner
Sydney Greenstreet as Dr. Mark Hamilton
Rose Hobart as Kathryn Mason
Charles Drake as Prof. Norman Holsworth
Grant Mitchell as Dr. Grant
Patrick O'Moore as Det. Lt. Egan
Ann Shoemaker as Nora Grant
Edwin Stanley as Phillips

Runtime: 86 Minutes

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