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Conquest of Cochise 1953 DVD - John Hodiak / Robert Stack

ts 1853 and the Gadsden Purchase has just brought part of Mexico into the United States. An Army Major has been sent to Tucson to make peace with the Indians. He is successful with Cochise, the Apache leader, but Cochise is unable to get the Comanches to agree. The Apaches then turn back a raid by the Comanches. There is a man in Tucson that wants the Indian war against the Americans to continue and when a stray Army rifle is found and it kills Cochise's woman, it appears the Apaches will break the peace treaty.


Robert Stack as Maj. Tom Burke
John Hodiak as Cochise
Joy Page as Consuelo de Cordova
Rico Alaniz as Felipe
Fortunio Bonanova as Mexican Minister
Edward Colmans as Don Francisco de Cordova
Alex Montoya as Jose Antonio Felicisimo de la Vega y Garcia
Steven Ritch as Tukiwah, Cochise's Lieutenant
Robert Griffin as Sam Maddock
Carol Thurston as Terua, Cochise's Wife
Rodd Redwing as Red Knife, Comanche Chief
Snub Pollard as Barfly

Runtime: 70 Minutes

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