Conspirator 1949 DVD - Robert Taylor / Elizabeth Taylor

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On a visit to London, 18 year-old American Melinda Greyton goes to her first party, a Regimental ball. There she meets and falls madly in love with Major Michael Curragh, a handsome bachelor who returns her affections. After a relatively short period of time, they marry and all is bliss. Michael has some peculiar habits such as when he gets upset when Melinda sends an old overcoat out for cleaning or when she takes a few £1 notes from his wallet. In fact, Michael is a Communist spy and has been a member of the Party since he was in school. When Melinda finally realizes just what and who he is, she tells him to choose between her or his beliefs. He tells her he'll leave the Party but its all a ruse. He does love his wife however and when his spy masters tell him Melinda must be done away with he faces the ultimate choice. 


Robert Taylor as Major Michael Curragh
Elizabeth Taylor as Melinda Greyton
Robert Flemyng as Captain Hugh Ladholme
Harold Warrender as Colonel Hammerbrook
Honor Blackman as Joyce
Marjorie Fielding as Aunt Jessica
Thora Hird as Broaders
Wilfrid Hyde-White as Lord Pennistone
Marie Ney as Lady Pennistone
Jack Allen as Raglan
Helen Haye as Lady Witheringham
Cicely Paget-Bowman as Mrs Hammerbrook
Karel Stepanek as Radek
Nicholas Bruce as Alek
Cyril Smith as Detective Inspector
Janette Scott as Toby

Runtime: 87 Minutes

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