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Convicted 1950 DVD - Glenn Ford / Broderick Crawford

Joe Hufford gets involved in a nightclub brawl, kills a man in self defense, and is sent to prison for manslaughter, to the dismay of district attorney George Knowland who realizes Joe had an incompetent lawyer who should have gotten him off by proving self-defense. Later, Knowland becomes warden of the prison Joe is in, and makes him a Trusty and his chauffeur. Joe and the warden's daughter, Kay, fall in love but Joe gets involved in a prison escape.


Glenn Ford as Joe Hufford
Broderick Crawford as George Knowland
Millard Mitchell as Malloby
Dorothy Malone as Kay Knowland
Carl Benton Reid as Captain Douglas
Frank Faylen as Convict Ponti
Will Geer as Convict Mapes
Martha Stewart as Bertie Williams
Henry O'Neill as Detective Dorn
Roland Winters as Vernon Bradley, Attorney
Ed Begley as Mackay, Head of Parole Board
Whit Bissell as State Attorney (Mr. Owens)
John Doucette as Convict Tex

Runtime: 91 Minutes

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