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Convoy 1940 DVD - Clive Brook / John Clements


A tale of the highs and lows of life protecting the vital convoys between America & England during WWII.


Clive Brook as Captain Tom Armitage
John Clements as 1st Officer - Lt David Cranford
Edward Chapman as Capt Eckersley
Judy Campbell as Lucy Armitage
Penelope Dudley-Ward as Mabel
Edward Rigby as Mr Matthews
Charles Williams as Shorty Howard
Allan Jeayes as Cmdr. Blount
Michael Wilding as Dot
Harold Warrender as Lt. Cmdr. Martin
David Hutcheson as Capt Sandeman
George Carney as Bates
Al Millen as Knowles
Charles Farrell as Walker
John Laurie as Gates
George Benson as Parker
Hay Petrie as Minesweeper skipper
Mervyn Johns as Minesweeper's mate
Albert Lieven as U-boat commander
John Wengraf as Cmdr. Deutschland
Edward Lexy as Merchantman skipper
John Glyn-Jones as Merchantman's mate
Patrick Holt as Holt
Stewart Granger as Sutton

Runtime: 90 Minutes

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