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Crooks Anonymous 1962 DVD - Leslie Phillips / Stanley Baxter


Captain `Dandy Forsdyke' is a habitual petty criminal who is engaged to Babette, an exotic dancer; Babette convinces him to leave behind his life of crime and join a society that is in the business of reforming criminals.


Leslie Phillips - Captain "Dandy" Forsdyke/Fred Cox
Stanley Baxter - Brother Widdowes
Wilfrid Hyde-White - Senior Brother Montague
Julie Christie - Babette
James Robertson Justice - Sir Harvey Russelrod
Michael Medwin - Ronnie
Pauline Jameson - Sister Prunella
Robertson Hare - Grimsdale
Raymond Huntley - Wagstaffe
Dermot Kelly - Stanley
Norman Rossington - Bert
Harry Fowler - Woods
Charles Lloyd-Pack - Fletcher
Harold Goodwin - George
Harry Locke - Fred
Colin Gordon - Drunk
Jeremy Lloyd - M.C. at the Peekaboo Club
Dennis Waterman - Boy in park
Bryan Coleman - Holding
Arthur Mullard - Grogan
Joyce Blair - Carol
Timothy Bateson - Partrige
John Bennett - Thomas
Victor Brooks - Police Officer
Julian Orchard - 1st Jeweller
Patrick Newell - 2nd Jeweller
Alfred Burke - Caulfield
Arthur Lovegrove - Jones
Cardew Robinson - Wiseman - Helicopter Brother
Dick Emery - Reginald Cundell
Totti Truman Taylor
Joby Blanshard - Peekaboo Doorman
Frank Gatliff - Policeman in the park
Marianne Stone
Jerold Wells - Sydney - large Nightwatchman
Dandy Nichols - Mrs Cundell
David Drummond - Assistant to Sir Harvey Russelrod

Runtime: 88 Minutes

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