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Crossfire 1947 DVD - Robert Young / Robert Mitchum


Two men are seen beating a Jewish man named Joseph Samuels to death in the opening. After the police are called in to investigate his murder, investigator Capt. Finlay suspects that the murderer may be among a group of demobilized soldiers who had been with Samuels and his female companion at a hotel bar the night of his murder.

A soldier named Monty tells his version of the story to Finlay. According to him, he and his friend Floyd met Samuels at the hotel bar and went up to his apartment to find Samuels talking to another soldier named Mitch. Mitch left Samuel's apartment and Monty and Floyd left a minute later. That was the last time they saw Samuels.

Sergeant Keeley, concerned that Mitch may be the prime suspect, decides to investigate the murder himself, hoping to clear his friend's name. After helping Mitch escape from being questioned, Keeley confronts him in a movie theater and Mitch tells his version of the story. Though he was drunk, Mitch remembered Monty arguing with Samuels in his apartment. After Mitch left, he spent the rest of the night with a girl he met in the city named Ginny Tremaine. When he woke up the next morning, he talked to Ginny's husband before leaving.

Meanwhile, Monty and Floyd, who are revealed to be the killers, meet in an apartment. Monty tells Floyd to stay out of sight and to keep their stories straight, that being how they didn't argue with Samuels and left his apartment shortly after Mitch left. Keeley knocks on their door and briefly talks with Floyd about the killing, while Monty hides. After Keeley leaves, Monty berates Floyd for refusing to stay out of sight and kills him.

Mitch's wife Mary meets with Ginny to attempt to form an alibi. If Ginny can remember spending the night with Mitch, it will prove he didn't kill Samuels. Finlay joins her. Ginny claims to have no knowledge of meeting Mitch, but Ginny's husband appears and says that he remembers Mitch, thus providing an alibi.

Back at the police station, Finlay and Keeley suspect that antisemitism was the likely motive for Samuels' murder. They also suspect that Monty was responsible for killing both Samuels and Floyd since he's anti-Semitic. With the help of a soldier named Leroy, they set up a trap to catch him. Leroy tells Monty that Floyd wants to meet him and hands him an address where he can find Floyd. Monty shows up to the apartment where he killed Floyd, presumably to check if he's still alive, and encounters Finlay and another cop. Finlay tells Monty he gave himself away as the address on the piece of paper was actually to a different building. Monty tries to escape, but is shot dead by Finlay.

Later, Finlay and Keeley say their goodbyes as Keeley leaves with Leroy to get coffee.

Runtime: 86 Minutes

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