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Cry of the Werewolf 1944 DVD - Nina Foch / Stephen Crane

A Romany princess descended from Marie LaTour has the ability to change into a wolf at will, just like her late mother. When she learns that Marie LaTour's tomb has been discovered, she decides to use her talent to kill everyone who knows the location, because it is a sacred secret that only her people are allowed to know.


Nina Foch as Marie Latour
Stephen Crane as Robert Morris
Osa Massen as Elsa Chauvet
Blanche Yurka as Bianca
Barton MacLane as Lt. Barry Lane
Ivan Triesault as Jan Spavero
John Abbott as Peter Althius
Fred Graff as Pinkie
John Tyrrell as Mac
Robert Williams as Homer
Fritz Leiber as Dr. Charles Morris
Milton Parsons as Adamson

Runtime: 63 Minutes

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