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Dangerous Exile 1958 DVD - Louis Jourdan / Belinda Lee

During the French Revolution, a French nobleman saves the 10-year-old son of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette from the guillotine with the help of an English woman.


Louis Jourdan as the Duke Philippe de Beauvais
Belinda Lee as Virginia Traill
Keith Michell as Colonel Saint-Gérard
Richard O'Sullivan as Louis XVII/Richard de Beauvais
Martita Hunt as Lady Lydia Fell
Finlay Currie as Monsieur Patient
Anne Heywood as Glynis
Jean Mercure as the police chef
Jacques Brunius as De Chassagne
Jean Claudio as De Castres, the comrade of Philippe à Paris
Terence Longdon : Colonel Sir Frederick Venner

Runtime: 91 Minutes

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