Dangerous Mission 1954 DVD - Victor Mature / Piper Laurie

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Witness to a mob killing and afraid to testify, young Louise Graham flees to Montana where she hopes to disappear working in the gift shop at Glacier National Park. Staying at the park are vacationers Matt Hallett, ex-marine, and Paul Adams, amateur photographer, both obviously very interested in Louise and both vying for her attention. Louise is unaware that one is a mob hitman, hired to kill her to prevent her from testifying, and the other is a cop working for the New York D.A.'s office, sent to protect her.


Victor Mature as Matt Hallett
Piper Laurie as Louise Graham
William Bendix as Chief Ranger Joe Parker
Vincent Price as Paul Adams
Betta St. John as Mary Tiller
Dennis Weaver as The Ranger Clerk
Harry Cheshire as Mr. Elster
Steve Darrell as Katoonai Tiller
Walter Reed as Ranger Dobson
Marlo Dwyer as Mrs. Elster

Runtime: 75 Minutes

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