Dangerous Partners 1945 DVD - James Craig / Signe Hasso

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After surviving a plane crash, a couple tries to find out why one of the passengers was carrying four wills for a million dollars, with each one naming him as the beneficiary.


James Craig as Jeff Caighn
Signe Hasso as Carola Ballister
Edmund Gwenn as Albert Richard Kingby
Audrey Totter as Lili Roegan
Mabel Paige as Marie Drumman
John Warburton as Clyde Ballister
Henry O'Neill as Police Lt. Duffy
Grant Withers as Jonathan Drumman
Felix Bressart as Prof. Roland Budlow
Warner Anderson as Miles Kempen
Stephen McNally as Co-pilot
John Eldredge as Farrel

Runtime: 74 Minutes

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