Dangerous When Wet 1953 DVD - Esther Williams / Fernando Lamas

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The health conscious, dairy-farming Higgins family begin each day with an invigorating swim. One day, traveling health-tonic salesman, Windy Weebe, comes to town and suggests they could swim the English Channel. Sponsored by "Liquapep" and coached by Windy, the family arrive in Europe. There it is decided that daughter Katie is the only one strong enough to enter the contest. But while she should be focused on the difficult and risky task ahead, Katie is pursed by dashing Frenchman, André Lanet... This comedic musical is well remembered for the scene when Katie dreams she is swimming with cartoon characters Tom & Jerry!.


Esther Williams as Katie Higgins
Fernando Lamas as André Lanet
Jack Carson as Windy Weebe
Charlotte Greenwood as Ma Higgins
Denise Darcel as Gigi Mignon
William Demarest as Pa Higgins
Donna Corcoran as Junior Higgins
Barbara Whiting as Suzie Higgins
Bunny Waters as Greta
Henri Letondal as Joubert
Paul Bryar as Pierre
Jack Raine as Stuart Frye
Richard Alexander as Egyptian Channel swimmer
Tudor Owen as Old Salt
Ann Codee as Mrs. Lanet
Darrell Wesley Clow as the Norwegian Swimmer
William Hanna as Tom Cat (uncredited)

Runtime: 95 Minutes

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