Dangerously They Live 1941 DVD - John Garfield / Nancy Coleman

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Dr. Michael Lewis treats Jane, a mysterious woman claiming to be a British secret agent on the run from German spies. Ultimately convinced, Michael helps Jane escape and with her attempts to convince the authorities of a secret German U-boat fleet waiting off the American coast. 


John Garfield as Dr. Michael "Mike" Lewis
Nancy Coleman as Jane Graystone
Raymond Massey as Dr. Ingersoll
Lee Patrick as Johnson, hospital superintendent of nurses
Moroni Olsen as John Goodwin
Esther Dale as Dawson, Goodwin's housekeeper
John Ridgely as Nazi Henchman
Christian Rub as Mr. Steiner
Frank Reicher as Jarvis, Goodwin's butler
Ben Welden as Eddie, Nazi henchman
Cliff Clark as Sheriff John Dill
Roland Drew as Dr. Murdock
Arthur Aylesworth as Gate Keeper
John Harmon as George, the taxi driver

Runtime: 77 Minutes

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