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Daybreak 1948 DVD - Ann Todd / Eric Portman

A hangman conceals his true identity when he falls in love, and sets up home with his girl on a barge in the river Thames. Tragedy strikes when the hangman's assistant tries to seduce his boss's wife - after a fight, the hangman is presumed drowned. The woman commits suicide, but the hangman has in fact survived, and manages to save his assistant from the gallows. 


Eric Portman as Eddie
Ann Todd as Frankie
Maxwell Reed as Olaf
Bill Owen as Ron
Edward Rigby as Bill Shackle
Jane Hylton as Doris
Eliot Makeham as Mr. Bigley
Margaret Withers as Mrs. Bigley
John Turnbull as Superintendent
Maurice Denham as Inspector
Milton Rosmer as Governor

Runtime: 75 Minutes

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