Desperate Journey 1942 DVD - Errol Flynn / Ronald Reagan

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The surviving crew members of a Royal Air Force bomber shot down near the former Polish border traverse the breadth of Nazi Germany and the occupied Netherlands to get back to England. Led by Flight Lt. Terrence Forbes, an Australian (Flynn), and Flying Officer Johnny Hammond, an American (Reagan), pursued by a Nazi major (Massey) and aided by an anti-Nazi nurse (Coleman), the men repeatedly evade capture, eventually flying home in a recaptured British airplane that the Germans had planned to use in a sneak attack on London.


Errol Flynn as Flight Lt. Terrence Forbes
Ronald Reagan as Flying Officer Johnny Hammond
Nancy Coleman as Kaethe Brahms
Raymond Massey as Major Otto Baumeister
Alan Hale as Flight Sgt. Kirk Edwards
Arthur Kennedy as Flying Officer Jed Forrest
Ronald Sinclair as Flight Sgt. Lloyd Hollis II
Elsa Bassermann as Frau Raeder

Runtime: 107 Minutes

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