Desperate Search 1952 DVD - Howard Keel / Jane Greer

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After taking off from Vancouver, a Canadian Western Airways Douglas DC-3 airliner catches on fire and crashes in the Canadian north. On board were two young children, Don (Lee Aaker) and Janet Heldon (Linda Lowell), ultimately the only survivors. Their father, pilot Vince Heldon (Howard Keel) and his wife Julie (Jane Greer) join forces with the family friend, bush pilot "Brandy" (Keenan Wynn) and Nora Stead (Patricia Medina), the children's mother (from an earlier, but unsuccessful marriage) to mount a desperate aerial search before incoming bad weather arrives.

Tensions mount as the children face the danger of exposure and a mountain lion that begins to track them while the searchers themselves are in conflict as the hotshot pilot Stead creates problems with her constant efforts to take over the search. A final effort sees a reconciliation and a successful rescue in the nick of time.


Howard Keel as Vince Heldon
Jane Greer as Julie Heldon
Patricia Medina as Nora Stead
Keenan Wynn as "Brandy"
Robert Burton as Wayne Langmuir
Lee Aaker as Don Heldon
Linda Lowell as Janet Heldon
Michael Duganas Lou
Elaine Stewart as Stewardess
Jonathan Cott as Detective
Jeff Richards as Ed
Dick Simmons as Communicator (Vancouver Radio)

Runtime: 71 Minutes

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