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Detective Story 1951 DVD - Kirk Douglas / Eleanor Parker

Jim McLeod is a hard-nosed and cynical detective. He believes in a strict interpretation of the law and doesn't believe in turning the other cheek. The current object of his zealousness is Karl Schneider, an abortionist responsible for the death of several young women. Schneider's lawyer tells the precinct lieutenant that McLeod has his own personal reasons for going after his client. It turns out that his wife was a patient before they met, although Jim knew nothing of it. His world suddenly turned upside down, McLeod is too late in re-evaluating his priorities.


Kirk Douglas as Detective Jim McLeod
Eleanor Parker as Mary McLeod
William Bendix as Detective Lou Brody
Cathy O'Donnell as Susan Carmichael
George Macready as Dr. Karl Schneider
Horace McMahon as Lt. Monaghan
Gladys George as Miss Hatch
Joseph Wiseman as Charley Gennini, a burglar
Lee Grant as Shoplifter
Gerald Mohr as Tami Giacoppetti
Frank Faylen as Detective Gallagher
Craig Hill as Arthur Kindred
Michael Strong as Lewis Abbott
Luis Van Rooten as Joe Feinson
Bert Freed as Det. Dakis
Warner Anderson as Endicott Sims
Grandon Rhodes as Det. O'Brien
Russell Evans as Patrolman Barnes
James Maloney as Albert R. Pritchett

Runtime: 103 Minutes

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