Devil's Doorway 1950 DVD - Robert Taylor / Louis Calhern

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Lance Poole, an Indian who won a Medal of Honor fighting at Gettysburg, returns to his tribal lands intent on peaceful cattle ranching. But white sheep farmers want his fertile grass range and manage to turn the ostensibly civilized white population against the tribes, with tragic results.


Robert Taylor as Lance Poole
Louis Calhern as Verne Coolan
Paula Raymond as Orrie Masters
Marshall Thompson as Rod MacDougall
James Mitchell as Red Rock
Edgar Buchanan as Zeke Carmody
Rhys Williams as Scotty MacDougall
Spring Byington as Mrs. Masters
James Millican as Ike Stapleton
Bruce Cowling as Lieutenant Grimes
Fritz Leiber as Mr. Poole

Runtime: 84 Minutes

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