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Double Exposure 1944 DVD - Chester Morris / Nancy Kelly

Pat Marvin (Nancy Kelly) is a small town photographer from Iowa Falls who gets a job offer in New York City for a magazine. She was hired due to a misunderstanding from the magazine's publisher, and sports fanatic James R. Tarlock (Richard Gaines) that she was a man. Larry Burke (Chester Morris), the magazine's editor, is thrilled that his new co-worker is a female, and takes an immediate interest in her. Pat's boyfriend Ben Scribner (Phillip Terry) is less enthusiastic about the girl who he is intending on marrying, leaving him for a job in the big city, and goes as far as following her to make sure that she is not unfaithful to him. Pat, meanwhile, quickly impresses Larry by providing him photographs of Dolores Tucker (Jane Farrar), as she is lying on the ground in a restaurant's toilet after a failed suicide attempt. The publishing of the photo unleashes some controversy, because Dolores is the estranged wife of millionaire Sonny Tucker (Charles Arnt). To deliver him a successful follow-up, Pat travels to Sonny's apartment to photograph him, and disguises herself as a chorus girl to seek entrance. Inside, she quickly flatters him, enabling herself to take as many photos as she wants. Dolores walks in minutes later, and grows convinced that Pat is Sonny's mistress.

A more important theme of the film includes the love triangle between Larry and Ben that Pat becomes involved with. Fearing that her boss will lose interest in her when he finds out that she is engaged to another man, Pat introduces Ben to him as her own brother. Ben reluctantly goes along with the scheme, though troubles her by constantly interfering whenever she is talking to Larry. Larry finally finds out about their relationship, and in anger sends Ben on a new task, that (without him knowing) brings him to Russia. Pat, meanwhile, is imprisoned after setting up a fake crime, which she created for the magazine. Dolores, by this time, is found murdered, and both Pat and Larry work together to reveal that she was killed by Sonny. Through the process, they fall in love with each other, and they are free to be together after finding out that Ben married another woman while in Russia.


Chester Morris as Larry Burke
Nancy Kelly as Patricia 'Pat' Marvin
Phillip Terry as Ben Scribner
Jane Farrar as Dolores Tucker
Richard Gaines as James R. Tarlock
Charles Arnt as Sonny Tucker
Claire Rochelle as Smitty
Roma Aldrich as Mavis

Runtime: 63 Minutes

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