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Double Jeopardy 1955 DVD - Rod Cameron / Gale Robbins

Lawyer Marc Hill helps clear the name of his girlfriend's father who is accused of murdering a man that was blackmailing him.


Rod Cameron as Marc Hill
Gale Robbins as Marge Baggott
Allison Hayes as Barbara Devery
Jack Kelly as Jeff Calder
John Litel as Emmett Devery
Robert Armstrong as Sam Baggott
John Gallaudet as Police Lt. Freid
Robert Nelson as Police Sgt. McNulty
Minerva Urecal as Mrs. Kreesy
Tom Powers as Harry Sheldon
Dick Elliott as Happy Harry
Fern Hall as Miss Webster
Gay Gallegher as Miss Hunter
Howard Price as Ambulance Attendant
Rudy Robles as Frank
Robert Shayne as Mr. Ross

Runtime: 70 Minutes

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