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Edge of Doom / Stronger Than Fear 1950 DVD - Stronger Than Fear / Farley Granger


A mentally unbalanced young man kills a priest. One of the priest's colleagues sets out to find the killer.


Dana Andrews as Father Thomas Roth
Farley Granger as Martin Lynn
Joan Evans as Rita Conroy
Robert Keith as Lieutenant Mandel
Paul Stewart as Craig
Mala Powers as Julie, Martin's girlfriend
Adele Jergens as Irene, Craig's girlfriend
John Ridgely as 1st Detective
Douglas Fowley as 2nd Detective
Harold Vermilyea as Father Kirkman
Mabel Paige as Mrs. Pearson
Ellen Corby as Mrs. Jeanette Moore
Robert Karnes as George, a Priest narrated to

Also Know as: Stronger Than Fear

Runtime: 99 Minutes

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