Edison the Man 1940 DVD - Spencer Tracy / Rita Johnson

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Hoored at a banquet for his sixty year career as an inventor, scientist, and businessman, 89 year old Thomas Alva Edison reflects back on his long career, which includes such achievements as the stock market ticker, the phonograph, the light bulb, and the motion picture.


Spencer Tracy as Thomas Alva Edison
Rita Johnson as Mary Stillwell
Lynne Overman as James J. 'Bunt' Cavatt
Charles Coburn as General Powell
Gene Lockhart as Mr. Taggart
Henry Travers as Ben Els
Felix Bressart as Michael Simon, Edison's assistant
Peter Godfrey as Bob Ashton
Guy D'Ennery as Lundstrom
Byron Foulger as Edwin Hall
Milton Parsons as 'Acid' Graham

Runtime: 107 Minutes

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