Embraceable You 1948 DVD - Dane Clark / Geraldine Brooks

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The killer Sammy and his driver Eddie Novoc accidentally run over Marie Willens while fleeing a murder scene. The pursuing detective Matt Hethron is sure that Eddie is guilty, but he cannot prove it. Instead of pressing his case, Hethron has Eddie begin caring for Marie who received a massive blood clot from the accident and does not have long to live. As time passes, Eddie finds himself falling in love with Marie. To raise the needed money for her care, Eddie starts blackmailing gang kingpin Sig Ketch. 


Dane Clark as Eddie Novoc
Geraldine Brooks as Marie Willens
S. Z. Sakall as Sammy
Wallace Ford as Police Lieutenant Ferria
Richard Rober as Sig Ketch
Lina Romay as Libby Dennis
Douglas Kennedy as Dr. Wirth
Mary Stuart as Miss Purdy
Philip Van Zandt as Matt Hethron
Rod Rogers as Bernie Sallin

Runtime: 80 Minutes

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