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English Without Tears 1944 DVD - Michael Wilding / Lilli Palmer

While Lady Christabel Beauclark, a bird fancier, is scurrying about demanding certain territorial rights for British birds from other countries, Her Ladyship's niece is falling in love with the family butler, Tom Gilbey. The birds are forgotten when war breaks out, and Gilbey now finds himself in love with the niece whose love was previously unrequited.


Michael Wilding as Tom Gilbey
Penelope Dudley-Ward as Joan Heseltine
Lilli Palmer as Brigid Knudsen
Claude Dauphin as François de Freycinet
Albert Lieven as Felix Dembowski
Peggy Cummins as Bobbie Heseltine
Margaret Rutherford as Lady Christabel Beauclerk
Martin Miller as Schmidt
Roland Culver as Sir Cosmo Brandon
Paul Demel as M. Saladoff
Beryl Measor as Miss Faljambe
Guy Middleton as Captain Standish
Esma Cannon as Queenie
Ivor Barnard as Mr. Quiel
Paul Bonifas as Monsieur Rolland
Richard Turner as Delivery Man
André Randall as Dutch Officer
Gerard Heinz as Polish Officer

Runtime: 89 Minutes

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