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Escape 1948 DVD - Rex Harrison / Peggy Cummins

Escape is a 1948 British-American thriller film directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz. It follows a Royal Air Force World War II veteran who goes to prison and then escapes and meets a woman who persuades him to surrender.


Rex Harrison as Matt Denant
Peggy Cummins as Dora Winton
William Hartnell as Inspector Harris
Peter Croft as Titch
Stuart Lindsell as Sir James Winton
Norman Wooland as Minister
Jill Esmond as Grace Winton
Frederick Piper as Brownie - convict
Marjorie Rhodes as Mrs. Pinkem
Betty Ann Davies as Girl in Park
Cyril Cusack as Rodgers
John Slater as Salesman
Frank Pettingell as Constable Beames
Michael Golden as Detective Penter
Frederick Leister as Judge
Walter Hudd as Defence Counsel
Maurice Denham as Crown Counsel

Runtime: 78 Minutes

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