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Female Jungle 1956 DVD - Lawrence Tierney / John Carradine

A blonde actress is murdered across from a bar. An off-duty cop has been getting pleasantly sloshed, but becomes worried about his innocence when he finds out he was seen leaving the establishment with a blonde, but doesn't remember. As he investigates, he interviews a columnist who was going with the actress, a caricaturist who drew the victim, the caricaturist's wife who works at the bar, and the caricaturist's lover, and slowly begins to put the pieces of the deadly puzzle together. 


John Carradine as Claude Almstead
Lawrence Tierney as Det. Sgt. Jack Stevens
Jayne Mansfield as Candy Price
Kathleen Crowley as Peggy Voe
Burt Kaiser as Alex Voe
Bruno VeSota as Frank
Eve Brent (billed as Jean Lewis) as Monica Madison

Runtime: 73 Minutes

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