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Finger Man 1955 DVD - Frank Lovejoy / Forrest Tucker

Treasury agents, desperate to get evidence on syndicate kingpin Dutch Becker, give ex-con hood Casey Martin a in prison or courting sudden death as a government 'finger man.' Finding that his sister is now a drug addict thanks to Becker, Martin agrees to go undercover. Becker's chief aide proves to be sadistic Lou Terpe, Martin's former cellmate whom he can't stand the sight of. And the danger hanging over Martin expands to threaten those around him...


Frank Lovejoy as Casey Martin
Forrest Tucker as Dutch Becker
Peggie Castle as Gladys Baker
Timothy Carey as Lou Terpe
John Cliff as Johnny Cooper
William F. Leicester as Jim Rogers
Glen Gordon as Carlos Armor
John Close as Big Joe Walters
Hugh Sanders as Burns
Evelynne Eaton as Lucille
Charles Maxwell as Fred Amory
Lewis Charles as Lefty Stern

Runtime: 82 Minutes

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