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Fire Over England 1937 DVD - Fire Over England / Flora Robson

During the reign of Elizabeth I, a young man's fervent devotion to the crown and to his sweetheart, a lady-in-waiting, lead him to battle for England's victory over the Spanish Armada in 1588.


Flora Robson as Queen Elizabeth I of England
Raymond Massey as King Philip II of Spain
Leslie Banks as 'Robin', the Earl of Leicester
Laurence Olivier as Michael Ingolby
Vivien Leigh as Cynthia
Morton Selten as Lord Burleigh
Tamara Desni as Elena
Lyn Harding as Sir Richard Ingolby
George Thirlwell as Mr. Lawrence Gregory
Henry Oscar as the Spanish Ambassador
Robert Rendel as Don Miguel
Robert Newton as Don Pedro
Donald Calthrop as Don Escobal
Charles Carson as Admiral Valdez
James Mason as Hillary Vane, an English traitor
Francis De Wolff as Sir James Tarleton

Runtime: 92 Minutes

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