Flight for Freedom 1943 DVD - Rosalind Russell / Fred MacMurray

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Fictionalized biography of Amelia Earhart (here called Tonie Carter). First, a flagwaving preface about air warfare in the Pacific; then flashing back to her first solo flight in 1932; whirlwind romance with sexist ace pilot Randy Britton; advanced training; a transcontinental race; world fame; first, aborted round-the-world flight; and her famous disappearance. This film popularized the theory that Earhart's disappearance was connected with secret work for the U.S. Navy.


Rosalind Russell as Tonie Carter
Fred MacMurray as Randy Britton
Herbert Marshall as Paul Turner
Eduardo Ciannelli as Johnny Salvini
Walter Kingsford as Admiral Graves
Damlan O'Flynn as Pete
Jack Carr as Bill
Matt McHugh as Mac
Richard Loo as Mr. Yokohata
Charles Lung as Flyer

Runtime: 102 Minutes

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