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Flight from Glory 1937 DVD - Chester Morris / Whitney Bourne


Ellis (Onslow Stevens) runs Trans-Andean Air Service, a run-down company transporting supplies from Delgado, a tiny, remote outpost, over the Andes Mountains to some mines. To save money, Ellis uses worn-out aircraft and "black sheep" pilots and crew no one else will employ. He hires George Wilson (Van Heflin), and is surprised when he brings his new wife, Lee (Whitney Bourne). Chief pilot Paul Smith (Chester Morris) tries to get her to leave, but the Wilsons have no money. As time goes on, George proves to be a drunk. Paul protects him as best he can, as he has fallen in love with Lee. She eventually confesses that she loves him.

After Hanson (Richard Lane}, an experienced pilot dies in a crash witnessed by George, he begins to crack up. When George is too drunk to fly, Garth Hilton (Douglas Walton) takes his place and is killed in yet another crash. Distraught and seeking revenge, George then forces Ellis at gunpoint into an aircraft and takes off. In the mountains, George jumps to his death, leaving Ellis to die like too many others he had hired. Smith is left to take over, but decides to join Lee and leave together. "Mousey" Mousialovitch (Solly Ward), the chief mechanic and former pilot, takes over the operation, with the mine owners promising new aircraft will be delivered.


Chester Morris as Paul Smith
Whitney Bourne as Lee Wilson
Onslow Stevens as Ellis
Van Heflin as George Wilson
Richard Lane as Hanson
Paul Guilfoyle as Jones
Solly Ward as "Mousey" Mousialovitch
Douglas Walton as Garth Hilton
Walter Miller as "Old Timer"
Rita LaRoy as Molly, the cook
Pasha Khan as Pepi

Runtime: 67 Minutes

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