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Foxhole in Cairo 1960 DVD - James Robertson Justice / Adrian Hoven

During the Second World War Field Marshal Erwin Rommel has placed two spies in Cairo, at the headquarters of the British Eighth Army. They are able to monitor every move of the British. It falls to British intelligence to hunt down the spies before they do too much damage to the war effort.


James Robertson Justice as Captain Robertson
Adrian Hoven as John Eppler
Niall MacGinnis as Radek
Peter van Eyck as Cont Almasky
Robert Urquhart as Major Wilson
Neil McCallum as Sandy
Fenella Fielding as Yvette
Gloria Mestre as Amina
Albert Lieven as Erwin Rommel
John Westbrook as Roger
Lee Montague as Aberle
Henry Oscar as Col. Zeltinger
Howard Marion-Crawford as British Major
Anthony Newlands as S.S. Colonel
Richard Vernon as British General
Michael Caine as Weber
Jerome Willis as 1st British Signals Sergeant
Philip Bond as German signals sergeant

Runtime: 80 Minutes
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